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Performance enhancing drugs in sport

Is taking performance enhancing drugs ok if everyone else is doing it?

Case Study 1: The 1999 Tour de France

Find out what the cyclists themselves had to say about the use of EPO by their team mates.
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Case Study 2: Cathal Lombard the Irish 10,000m runner

BBC News article.   Lombard reports:

"My eyes were really opened from conversations I had with people on the professional scene,"
 "I looked at some of the times being consistently run and I asked myself if this was possible naturally."
"The only logical conclusion I could reach was that, in a lot of cases, the answer was definitely 'no'."

Lombard was banned in 2004 for two years for taking EPO and made to return his Sports Council grant.

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Finnish skier Eoro Maentyranta won 2 gold medals for cross country skiing in the Winter Olympics in1964. Subsequently it was found he had a genetic mutation that meant that he “naturally” had 40-50% more red blood cells than average.
You are a member of a panel convened by the International Olympic Committee after the event to consider a request by the other skiers to disqualify him from future competitions. Write out your response to the IOC giving your reasons in full.