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Health risks

When it comes to protecting our health it seems that the life style choices we make often mean sacrificing things we like to gain a potential benefit far into the future. When faced with that lovely bar of chocolate or tasty burger, or a favourite TV programme to sit and watch, it is hard to remember that always saying yes, instead of choosing a healthier option, will result in our body mass index ending up on the wrong side of ideal sooner or later.

The short term choices with immediate benefit may be easier, for example we know that our risk of accident is lower if we choose to wear a seat belt, or crash helmet, or to fit a circuit breaker to the electric lawn mower. Mind you, enough of us were ignoring the first two safety precautions that the law was changed to make them compulsory and many lives have been saved as a result.

The most common lifestyle related risks to health are associated with:


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