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Performance enhancing drugs in sport

Why not allow drug use in sports?

It isn’t just drugs that are improving athlete’s performances, sports technology, equipment and new training techniques are having an ever greater impact on the performances of athletes. As this happens it is less and less the athletes’ natural ability and motivation which gives them the edge, and more their equipment and training budget. Sports clothing such as body-hugging tops that can help players escape tackles in rugby and technologies such as streamlined, light weight racing bikes can give a team a winning margin. Why then should these athletes be banned from using substances that can help them to get more out of their training and practice?

Arguments for and against allowing the use of drugs in sport.

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Questions about drugs in sport knowledge roleModel technology cheating choice winning testing equality legalise harm But it\'s always gone on...

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Who wrote this aticle?
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i no its genious
NOT RATED scott 22-06-10 13:36
i agree because in less that 10 mins of reading it completly convinces most people that drugs in sport is stupid and should be ilegal
braders 21-10-10 11:23
i would rather see usain bolt run the 100 metres in 5.0 seconds and him throthing at the mouth than 10 seconds normally.
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this is a very good article< i think the information is very reliable.
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this is booooooooooooooooooooring
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I Like this it helps with my Modern Histery assignment heaps
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Thanks a lot
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your website is s*** my nan could do a better job than you and shes dead
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amazing websiste cannot fault it (apart from the lack of good things)
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