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Close up of an upper arm being given an injection.Read the mission statement on the right from a web site entitled Vaccination News

  • Consider the positions it takes on bias, choice and science. What do you think about the organisation behind this website? What are your predictions about this organisation as a source of information?
  • Discuss this with a small group of your classmates.
  • Check out the website to see if your impressions are correct.

What other sources of information on this issue can you find on the internet?

These sites will get you started:


 The MMR Vaccination


Open Quote Vaccination News is published in order to provide a wide range of news and views on vaccinations and vaccination policy. By providing all sides of the vaccination controversy, it is believed the public/consumer will be best equipped to make reasoned decisions regarding vaccination use, decisions which will have profound implications for them and their family‚Äôs health. By providing all sides of the vaccination controversy, it is also believed that readers will recognize both the complexity of the controversy and the dearth of good information available to them.

Among the views provided will be those of the publisher and Editor Sandy Mintz on a variety of vaccination related issues and news, including commentary on breaking news items.

Vaccination News is not against an informed parent choosing to vaccinate his or her child. Vaccination News is against bad science being used to justify forcing parents to vaccinate. It is against bad science being used to convince a parent to vaccinate. And it is against a parent, any parent, being forced to do something that has even a remote chance of harming their child.

What all parents deserve is good information, untainted by conflict of interest, on the safety of vaccines. They deserve the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children. And those that choose to vaccinate, after weighing the known benefits and risks, deserve safer vaccines. Close Quote

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NOT RATED amy handy 10-07-09 10:41
very useful i love reading about science and vaccinations, when im older i want to be a high qualified doctar and this is really useful, at lunch time i spend my whole time researching this and i stay up till 8pm just to look at it. thanks for providing such good information.