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PEEP for Physics & Ethics at GCSE

Using Science to support biodiversity

Merrivale Menhir

Click to enlarge - Merrivale Menhir, Dartmoor National Park

National Parks & Biodiversity on Paths

Stage 1 – Research

Setting the scene and understanding the principles and some of the dilemmas. 

Here are series of questions which you will need to consider if your scientific investigation is to support the actions of those concerned with the long term survival of our National Parks. There are links to follow and some activities to watch. You may wish to write down some of your answers as the ‘research phase’ to the project.

Try to answer the following:

  1. What is a National Park and where are they located?    Hint
  2. Why do National Parks exist?    Hint
  3. How does a National Park in the UK differ from those elsewhere in the world such as North America and Africa.    Hint
  4. The UK model for National Parks is very different from other countries and creates an inherent paradox ( a conflict of interests between the objectives of the Park). What is this conflict and how might it threaten biodiversity?    Hint

Question: Now look at the ‘slide show’ of images below that shows some of the activities that go on in the UK National Parks. Which of these do you consider threaten biodiversity the most?

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 Stage 2: Designing the scientific investigation

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