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Now that you have found out about issues such as climate change, threats to biodiversity and to the natural world, here are some things you can get involved with to make a difference where YOU live.

Smokey railway trainCarbon Express  
Find out about the carbon emissions produced by how you live and what you can do to change these.

Invasive speciesInvasive Species
Track where these plants and animals live in your local area to help scientists understand how they are affecting other native species.

Dartmoor National Park logoNational Parks
Learn about the how to balance the conflicting issues involved in managing a national park so that it is a good place for both wildlife and people.

Tree frogRain Forest Workshop
Help the next generation after to you to learn about wildlife. Take this ready made workshop into you local primary school and have fun talking about creepy crawlies!

Live Earth logo
Live Earth logo

Live Earth! Concerts

On 7th July 07, there were a series
of huge live music concerts around
the globe aimed at promoting
awareness of climate change.
Read the following web pages and
articles about the events:


Q: Do you think that the concerts
will make a real practical
difference or not? Why?
Q: In 2005, similar concerts
took place under the heading
"Make Poverty History". Did
this actually make a difference?
What other practical ways can
help to promote the changes
called for by the Live Earth