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Biological Pest Control – a better way to reduce pests.

What is a typical biological control programme?

Diagram showing how to implement a biological control program.

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What are the strategies involved in Biological control?



Use a herbivore
to control weeds

Cactoblastis moth larvae to control prickly pear.
 About the moth
 Biological control of the moth

Use a carnivore
to control a
herbivorous pest

Ladybirds controlling aphids.

 About Ladybirds 
 Ladybirds as biological control agents

Use a parasite
to control its

Encarsaria (a wasp) controlling glasshouse whitefly.
 About the insect
 More images

Disrupt a breeding
cycle of a pest

 Release of sterilized males to control the screw worm parasite in cattle.

Control the behaviour of a pest

 Sex attractant pheromones to attract apple codling moths.

 Part 3


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