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Human activities

There are many human activities which significantly contribute towards environmental pollution.

This section looks at a few examples which link strongly to their effects on Biodiversity.

A spray paint can.   CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons)
emissions damaging the ozone layer
 A PCB molecule diagram PCB’s – Polychlorinated Biphenyls
 A large digger fills a truck with stone. Mining and Quarrying
 Aircraft vapour trails catch the light of the setting sun.

Air Travel and CFC page)

Noise and Light

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NOT RATED :) 10-07-09 15:14
I think that climate change is both, natural and man-made we are coming out of an iceage so the earth is bound to warm up until the temperature gets to what it used to be, i reackon that humans are simply speeding up the process, therefore we are kinda to blame for the global crisis
Robert Bosley 25-01-10 12:25
I really enjoyed working on this site. Thanks very much! It's brilliant and I hope it continues to keep up the good work. The thing that I would say is that some of the climate changes haven't actually changed from anything. Sort out your info!!!

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