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  1. Is fish farming the answer?

Look at these two types of aquaculture:


  • Which of these two methods do you consider as having the least environmental impact?
  • Would the Chinese method work in Europe? If not, why not?
  • Do you think the benefits from fish farming outweigh the threats to the environment? You may need to find examples where it has worked and where it has caused environmental damage?
  • Are there any ‘farming ethics’ issues associated with this type of farming?
  • Are there any ‘human health’ issues associated with fish farming?

  2. How does EU fishing destroy wild animals in West Africa?

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 3. Fishing and turtles.

Visit the  EuroTurtle website:

  • Go to the section on THREATS – fishing
    The introduction of TEDS to allow turtles to escape from nets has proved to be effective although not always popular with fishermen.
  • Suggest reasons why the TEDS are not always well received?

  4. Dolphin friendly nets.

Other animals, such as dolphins, get caught in nets – how can nets be made ‘dolphin’ friendly?


Some fishermen have lost their ‘livelihood’ due to a ban on catching bass using certain fishing techniques.

Do you think that this is right? Is it putting dolphins first and humans last?

  5. Fishing methods.

Investigate the following methods for catching fish at  this website.

Question: Which do the most damage to the depletion of fish stocks?

Some methods to investigate:

  1. Hook and line fishing
  2. Drift net
  3. Purse seine
  4. Danish seine
  5. Beam trawl
  6. Otter trawl

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