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Enhancing Biodiversity
– Sustainable development.

The pages within this section on Biodiversity have many suggestions on how biodiversity can be protected and enhanced, although a more ‘global’ perspective is required for long term protection and enhancement of Earth’s biodiversity.

Sustainable development:

The concept of ‘Sustainability’ was first developed in 1980 by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and taken up by the Brundtland report in 1987. Sustainable development means a form of development "that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs".

This term has been developed and adapted at important international conferences on sustainable development. –

Before this Earth Summit, Kofi Annan (The Secretary General of the United Nations), outlined his views
 'Towards a sustainable Future. (delivered by his wife, Nane Annan, May 2002) 

  This KEY speech presents the concepts of ‘sustainability’ very clearly and outlines how it might be achieved. Print it out and use a ‘highlighter’ to pick out the most important points.

 Case Study: Operation Wallacea

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sheethal 16-05-08 07:31
expected more. these are topics which are burnings the discussion please try to include more contemporary and updated information regarding sustainable development and habitat issues

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  Activities: Thinking ‘Global’ but acting ‘Local’

It is often difficult for smaller groups to take ‘Global’ plans and make them into action plans which work at a ‘Local’ level.

Many Governments have tackled the issue of sustainability and the UK plan can be found at:
 UK Sustainable Development

This has been taken further at ‘Local’ level and you can see a
 plan for the North East of England.

See if you can find out any plans for your local area.
- What are they?
- How have you or could you make a difference?