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Climate Change


Climate change through global warming can be tackled ‘globally’ and ‘locally’.

These actions are aimed at slowing climate change and to ultimately stabilise it. 

International actions:

Global strategies already in place due to International Conventions:

  • Kyoto Protocol which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions: unfortunately not all countries have agreed with the targets that have been set.
  • Montreal Protocol which aims to stop the use of CFCs and find suitable ‘environmentally’ friendly substitutes.

Other global strategies to slow climate change:

Professor Sir David King
Prof. Sir David King
Chief Scientific Adviser
to the UK Government, 
discusses on how global
warming may affect
each of us.
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  • Reduce deforestation: forests absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.
  • Afforestation: plant trees to absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Reduce methane emissions: some areas are easier to tackle than others such as methane from land-fill sites and leakage from gas pipelines and mining.
  • Increase energy saving and conservation in homes and industry.
  • Greater use of renewable sources of energy supply.

Actions by individuals: think ‘global’ but act ‘local’.

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