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Why do we need biodiversity?

  • Moral reasons
    What right do we have to exterminate species?
  • Aesthetic reasons
    Enjoyment of seeing aniamls and plants
  • Food and Drink
    We use surprisingly few plants for food, there are estimated to be another 75,00 whaich are edible.
  • Clothing and fabric
    Many of ourt clothes are made from natural materials - an important alternative to those based on fossil fules.
  • Fuel and energy
    1500 million people use natuural products for fuel and animals for transport
  • Human health
    Many medicines are derived from plants and animals - many yet to be discovered
  • Control pests
    There are many species which could be used as natural control agents of pests
  • Ornamentation
    Dyes, perfumes and jewellery come from a wide range of natural species
  • Building and manufacture
    Timber for furniture, hosue construction, paper. Rubber and plant oils for industry and cosmetics
  • Knowledge and research
    research to find out how other species could be used to help man - also for academic interest.
    What did the bombadier beetle do for rocket science?


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