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The Human Genome Project

History of the Human Genome Project

You can find full details of how the story of the HGP unfolded on  this website.

In brief, although about two-thirds of the HGP was completed in the USA, scientists around the world including the UK, Germany, France, Japan and Canada were allocated individual chromosomes to sequence. They made very rapid progress and by mid 2000 most of the human genes were known and also many disease-causing mutations.

Use  the website to draw a fifteen year time line from 1990, putting in details of when each chromosome was completed and when the genomes of the comparative animals were fully sequenced.

Use of human genetic information

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NOT RATED Dextromethorphan HcB 03-12-08 22:49
This is the worst thing ever established because in my opinion once you start messing with genetics you can ******* [cause big problems] for example doctors can now decide if your baby's going 2 have a genetic malfunction or even die at birth that is extremely wrong in my books yes identify and issues but do not start playing god cause things could start getting messy