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Don't forget to look after yourself and the rest of your recording crew. It's easy to trip over things if you are moving and your eye is on the camera viewfinder not where you're going. There are often cables lying around when filming - power leads, microphone cables - all of which could send somebody flying. Give on of your crew the job of keeping an eye on safety by keeping cables tidy.


Video cameras a very delicate pieces of equipment. If they use video tape they contain very accurate and easily broken mechanical parts. 

  • A camera won't stand being dropped
  • Never force the video tape mechanism open with your hands. It will usually open automatically, quite slowly. Don't be tempted to open it more quickly by using your hands to speed it up - you may easily break it.
  • Keep dirt, dust, rain and anything else out of the tape mechanism.
  • Keep the lens cap on unless you are actually filming. The lens will scratch easily.

Tab open = can't record
Tab closed = can record
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Your work

There is nothing more frustrating than spending ages filming to discover that you've just used the wrong tape and wiped over some other vital recordings.

  • Always use the protect tab on tapes so they can't be overwritten accidentally.
  • Label and number all tapes including a contact phone number so a lost tape can find it's way home.

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