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Cutaways and filler shots

Cutaways are all those extra shots, the little details. They are images or film clips that add extra interest to what you're showing. For example, if in your film, somebody talks about hospitals, you could show a clip of a nurse, or ambulance while the voice discusses hospitals. You could also use:

  • close ups
  • distance shots
  • settings
  • clips that reflect the topic

Cutaways are also very useful for covering up problems or mistakes in your video footage.
Watch this tutorial to see how it works

This article will give you some good ideas too.

Planning for cutaways

If you are interviewing someone, notice their gestures or if there are any particularly interesting things they do. You don't always need to show the whole of someone's face all the time. You could add interest by using a cut away shot, a close up of her hands or eyes.

Think carefully about what cutaway shots you might need before you start shooting. These can come from anywhere, showing the location of your interview, or even be shot on another day. But you will find it harder to get hold of suitable material if you only remember when you start editing.

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