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Bioethics Live! Videos

Here are some videos produced by students that you can use in your lessons.

BEEP would like to thank the students at New College, Swindon, Weston College, Weston Super Mare and The Castle School, South Gloucestershire who created them.

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h4IVF: The Issues Show/h4pA satirical role play on how different types of people feel about IVF./p

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Human reproduction

In-Vitro Fertilisation
(IVF)  9m 45s


Abortion: The choice
1m 25s

Advertising abortion clinics
Advertising abortion
clinics     3m 14s

Abortion: Right, wrong and when?
Abortion: Right,
wrong and when?
4m 27s

Genetic technology

3m 24s

DNA Profiling
DNA Profiling
3m 5s

1m 46s

Genetic databases
Genetic databases
3m 24s

GM Proteins
GM Proteins
1m 14s

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Jeff Howl 07-09-09 18:30
I must say the video made by The Castle School students on DNA profiling is very creative and informative! They should Do more!!! Very well done boys!
NOT RATED Kelly Shortman 09-09-09 17:13
wow,, that was so interesting to watch,, i hope you guys make some more

love kelly:)

p.s. your p.e. teacher is boom!!
NOT RATED Mrs Jewelman 29-09-09 14:03
I loved the talking horses, what a novel idea!
NOT RATED peter peddigrew 21-11-09 12:26
omg that DNA profiling video was soooo funny, those castle skl students should think about a film career
NOT RATED barty crouch jnr 11-03-10 10:39
omg i also agree with u peter, the castle skl video is just so creative
NOT RATED Tim White 28-03-10 23:18
Congratulations castle school students, especially those who created the DNA profiling episode, very well constructed, lots of very useful information included and it was very funny,i think the lad who appeared out of the bin had very strong acting skills, am i correct in believing your name is Kent? very well done to you!, i hope you had lots of fun making it and hope to see more soon! Cheers Tim
NOT RATED Ryan Kent 28-07-10 01:23
How the **** do you know my name?