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Genetically Modified Crops

Are GM crops safe?

When it comes to the issue of GM and safety, there are two quite separate questions that need to be addressed.

The Precautionary Principle

At present, there are very few GM crops grown in Europe, as the EU has applied what is known as the Precautionary Principle to GM crops. This requires that in the face of scientific uncertainty, a country should not take any action that might adversely affect human and animal health or harm the environment.

In practice, this shifts the responsibility on to GM proponents to prove that GM technology poses no risk. However GM supporters have argued that:

  • it is impossible to prove a negative and that
  • all human activity carries risk.  

 Are GM foods safe for people?


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your dad 13-05-10 12:43
I didnt like this page...-_-
NOT RATED i 28-01-11 12:57
well i do so ...
NOT RATED Biyaser al-Reefy 25-01-12 11:59
I like, how much? Many interet GM crop in me, I want many times. Many, many times to make more vegastabekfes, fruts and other fooos for many contries, like my Afghanistan, (mashallah peace be upon). I want make many times, GM food, it make benefit for the poor peoples to make eat of food, very nice for money saveing.
Jimmy 03-04-14 08:34
I hate gm crops, they smell funny
Dean Gravy 03-04-14 08:34
Very Gravy
Gaylord 03-04-14 08:34
I get excited when i eat gm crops...
20-08-15 03:55
[...Comment awaiting moderator's approval...]

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GM as a technique Vs Specific uses of GM

GM is a very new technology, so its easy to associate the whole of GM (as a technique) with those specific applications of it that we hear about in the media. Next time you hear about a GM use, ask yourself:
Is this a problem with GM in itself or is this just a good/bad use of the technology?

Activity: Read
these pages on safety of GM crops and then go to the online discussion on GMOs to have your say.