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Red Card/Yellow Card System

While we hope that all those using the discussion board will be respectful to other users, this may not always be the case. To help facilitate good behaviour, we have added a system rather like that used to referee football - the Red and Yellow cards.

Moderators can Red Card or Yellow Card students' posts as described below.

 A yellow card will alert a student's teacher to the existence of a possible problem.

  • All teachers can Yellow card all student posts.
  •  Once a yellow card warning has been issued, the icon for the post will be replaced by a card with a green cross on it. Clicking on this card cancels the yellow card warning status for this post.
  • Only the student's own teacher can cancel the yellow card.

 A red card is for serious problems.

  • It will alert a student's teacher via email of the problem and ban the student from posting any further messages.
  • Only teachers from the student's own school or the BEEP Team may issue a red card.

 A green card will unban the account of a student who has been given a Red Card.

  • Only the BEEP administrator may issue a green card - this will unban a student who has been red carded.


Currently only the student is warned when a red card or yellow card is deployed - we are working on changing this so only the teacher from the offending student's school is also notified. Please bear with us.