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Poll screenPolls are a special type posting that allow community members to vote on an idea or issue. 

Polls can only be created at the same time as you start a new topic. The option automatically appears when you create the new topic - leave it blank if you don't want a poll.

Poll Question - This is the subject of the Poll, the question that is being answered by the poll.  The poll question appears at the top of the topic, above the poll options. 

Poll Option - 'Poll Options' are the possible answers to the poll question.  To add poll options, type the option into the text field and click 'Add Option'.  For your poll to work, you must enter at least two options for your respondents to choose from.

Run Poll for - This is the number of days that the poll should be open for.  After the specified time has passed, the results of the poll are displayed in the topic, and no one else may vote.




Flash movie tutorial:

 Creating a poll